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Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) by ER Post on Flickr.

Hygrocybe conica (blackening cap) | ©Ray Purser  (Annesley, Nottinghamshire, England)
Common names: Witch’s hat, Conical wax cap or Conical slimy cap (En); Higróforo cónico (Sp).
Hygrocybe conica (Hygrophoraceae) is relatively easy to identify because virtually all parts of the mushroom bruise and discolor strongly black. In fact, one sometimes finds older specimens that have discolored so much that they appear almost completely black. Another distinctive feature is the sharply conical shape of the hat at first, expanding to broadly conical, or broadly convex with a raised center or point.
Hygrocybe conica is currently treated by mycology as a highly variable species found in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia [source].
This photo shows how the cap blackens with age.

In the forest by HOKarlsson on Flickr.
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Mushroom by sciencensorcery

Radiating by Jeroen Stekelenburg